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The Best Way to Buy the Equipment You Need

The following post is a guest blog by our partner company, AP Equipment Financing. AP Equipment Financing helps businesses acquire the big-ticket items they need, when they need it with personalized financing options.

Running a business isn’t cheap. Just finding a location to do business from is expensive, but when you add the equipment, machinery, software, and other infrastructure you’ll need to run your business efficiently, it’s just not possible to buy everything with cash.

Fortunately, you can still acquire the equipment you need and get additional benefits by using financing. Why should you finance your next big purchase? And what are the advantages to using a financing company that specializes in the rental industry?

Conserve Working Capital

With equipment financing, you’ll be able to conserve your operating cash (working capital) for important things (payroll, emergencies, etc.).

Expand Your Business

Expanding your business doesn’t mean you have to have the cash on hand to purchase new or additional equipment or software. By using financing, you can use your increases in revenue and productivity to pay for the upgrades you’ve added.

Flexible Payment Plans

Seasonal Payments allow you to pay when your revenue is high, easing your mind during the slow seasons. 90-day deferred programs are also available – install now and make your first payment in 90 days.

Finance Your Soft Costs!

Installation, tax, and shipping can be huge expenses. These costs and others can be included in the financing at AP Equipment Financing.

Build Your Business’s Credit

With AP Equipment Financing, your financing is placed on your business’s credit, boosting your business’s profile for future endeavors. Overuse of your personal credit lines may make it challenging for you to acquire future personal loans.

Reduce Your Red Tape

As an independent direct lender, AP Equipment Financing can finance your equipment in as little as 24 hours, rather than weeks or even months with run-of-the-mill banks.

With fast, flexible, and knowledge-based financing, sourcing, and other equipment solutions for small rental businesses, AP Equipment Financing has established a reputation of integrity in the industry. Whether you’ve got your eye on a new bulldozer or you’re upgrading your rental software (ed: to Point of Rental, of course!), AP can come up with a creative, mutually beneficial, and profitable plan for you.

Find out more about how you can get what your business needs with AP Equipment Financing at Point of Rental’s 2018 International Conference or by calling Mike Arness, CLFP, at (509) 658-7133.

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