Go Paperless: Why and How

Want to go paperless?

At nearly every rental industry event over the past couple of years, there’s a seminar or class or even maybe just a supplier, at their booth, trying to convince you: Go paperless! But why should you go paperless? And even if you decide that now’s a great time to make some changes to the way […]

The Future of Rental: Looking Ahead from a POR Perspective

A still of CEO Wayne Harris and Content Marketing Manager Brian Beaudry chatting in a webinar.

The future of rental can look different depending on who you ask. Since Point of Rental is always focused on building software that will support rental businesses of the future, we asked CEO Wayne Harris: What’s important now and in the near future, and what are we doing to help rental businesses handle those challenges? […]

Adam Seyedmortaza, Software Engineer Team Lead

Adam Seyedmortaza headshot with background of computer code.

Adam Seyedmortaza has been working on Point of Rental’s software for roughly six years now, working his way up to leading a team of developers. Adam also speaks several non-coding languages and is in the process of automating his house. We talked about what he and his development team are doing today at Point of […]

Jack Baker, Strategic SDR

Jack Baker headshot graphic with name and Point of Rental logo

Jack Baker joined Point of Rental as a regular ol’ Sales Development Representative (SDR) way back when he wasn’t even old enough to consume adult beverages legally in the U.S.  In his time with the company, he’s helped launch Sales Development processes in the UK and Australia without leaving the States, meaning a lot of […]

Rental Software, Your Professional Conflict Manager

rental software helps facilitate resolution of rental conflict; a rental store owner is shown giving keys over to a contractor happily

There are two things we know about customers that have caused a lot of damage to an expensive item: It’s never their fault and they’re willing to argue about it for a long time. As a rental store owner, you’re constantly weighing whether it’s worth the effort – both in time and money – to […]

Why Move Your Rental Business Into the Cloud?

Why Move Into the Cloud? title text with clouds in the foreground and a server rack in the background.

OK, you get it. Point of Rental (or even another rental software company) has convinced you that rental software is going to help your business in innumerable ways. Maybe you even already have rental software running your operations today. Why would you want to switch from a perfectly good on-premise solution that you bought years […]

Point of Rental Adds Business Consulting

consulting cartoon

We say it pretty often in our marketing literature: We have a LOT of in-store rental experience here at Point of Rental. And now we’re putting that knowledge and insight to even more use, going beyond software training and sending our experts out to help you run your business more efficiently and effectively. Sean Konys […]

Rob Warwick, UK Software Support Manager

Rob Warwick headshot graphic

Rob Warwick joined the Point of Rental team just in time for COVID restrictions and a lot of remote work. He visited the Front Porch to talk about his journey from selling insurance to becoming Point of Rental’s UK Software Support Manager, how football/soccer relates to managing a support team, and got some weight-loss tips […]

Joan McKinlay, Customer Success Manager Team Lead

Joan McKinlay headshot on a branded graphic with her name and the Point of Rental logo with a stock photo of a theatre in the background

If you’re one of Point of Rental’s UK-based or European customers, you’ve probably interacted with Joan McKinlay, our Customer Success Manager Team Lead in Reading. In addition to her trip with the Plant & Hire Aid Alliance to Slovakia to support Ukrainian refugees this November (which was shared earlier this month), we talked about what […]

Keeping up with the Plant & Hire Aid Alliance

Plant & Hire Aide Alliance logo on a couple of images of boxes being sent for the convoy to support Ukrainian refugees

This month’s Front Porch guest is Joan McKinlay from our UK office, who participated in the Plant & Hire Aid Alliance‘s recent convoy to Slovakia to provide equipment and supplies to Ukrainian refugees. Since the full episode won’t be shared until after the next Plant & Hire Aid Alliance event takes place, we wanted to […]