5 Things Your Rental Software Needs to Do, According to AI

Choosing a rental management software can feel dangerous. Nearly everyone in the company interacts with the software in some way, so finding something that meets everyone’s needs can be challenging. You could make a list of everything each person in every department needs, wants, and cares about in a software, and evaluate every rental software […]

Transforming US Rental Companies: Advantages of AI-Powered Fleet Management Solutions

A van tows rental equipment with TSO Mobile's logo in the corner

In the competitive landscape of the United States’ rental industry, staying ahead of the curve is essential for businesses to thrive. The integration of cutting-edge technology, particularly AI-powered fleet management solutions, can make all the difference. With the demand for efficient operations and optimal resource utilization on the rise, here’s how rental businesses can benefit […]

Better Together: How SmartEquip Integrates with Point of Rental Software

A jigsaw puzzle pieces with cranes in the background and the SmartEquip logo

Every company (and every fleet of equipment within that company) has its own way of doing business — systems and processes in place that support their daily operations. For many, this all ties together into your Point of Rental Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which centralizes all your critical business data and intelligence for more […]

Introducing Rouse Rental and Equipment Insights: Your Premier Data-Driven Solution for Fleet Performance Benchmarking

Dump trucks on a rental lot with a blue sky in the background and the Rouse logo in the top right.

Rouse Rental and Equipment Insights is the go-to source for actionable and precise benchmarking solutions in the construction equipment rental industry. With our tailored data and reporting services, you can confidently make fleet and pricing decisions utilizing local market rate and utilization benchmarks, giving your company a strategic edge. Here’s a glimpse of what both […]

Point the Way Forward: A 2023 Update

South Africa Regional Director Bernice Smith and her husband pose for a photo while making hundreds of bricks for Door of Hope, a South African charity.

Point of Rental’s South African and Australian offices announced progression in a pair of partnerships this May. In Australia, we started work toward the second stage of our partnership with Children’s Ground, a program that works to celebrate and uplift First Nations knowledge, create equity and access to high-quality education, health, and economy in community for the next generation of children. […]

Record 2023 for Point of Rental’s RER 100 Reps

Congrats graphic for 2023 RER 100 listees

The 2023 RER 100 grew once again to another record high, all the way to $35.4 billion. Companies using Point of Rental helped lead the way, too! A record 18 companies on the list use Point of Rental to run their rental operations. Those companies averaged 31.0 percent growth in 2022, beating the RER 100 […]

Scott Plomer, Web Developer

Scott Plomer headshot on a Point-of-Rental-green background.

Scott Plomer, Point of Rental’s web developer, started his career with interests in firefighting and engineering. He ditched it all to pursue creative passions, move to the DFW area, and start a career in web development. Now he’s helping Point of Rental build out a YouTube channel, developing new features on internal and external projects, […]

Melanie Kaye, Project Coordinator

Melanie Kaye headshot image in a circle frame surrounded by a leopard print circle

Melanie Kaye started at Point of Rental as a receptionist and now works as a Project Coordinator, helping new Point of Rental users in the UK get set up with their software (in addition to getting other projects set up). We talked about her career, from a short foray into hairdressing and time as a […]

Go Paperless: Why and How

Want to go paperless?

At nearly every rental industry event over the past couple of years, there’s a seminar or class or even maybe just a supplier, at their booth, trying to convince you: Go paperless! But why should you go paperless? And even if you decide that now’s a great time to make some changes to the way […]

The Future of Rental: Looking Ahead from a POR Perspective

A still of CEO Wayne Harris and Content Marketing Manager Brian Beaudry chatting in a webinar.

The future of rental can look different depending on who you ask. Since Point of Rental is always focused on building software that will support rental businesses of the future, we asked CEO Wayne Harris: What’s important now and in the near future, and what are we doing to help rental businesses handle those challenges? […]