Free Electronic Signatures. No Strings Attached.

Times are tough in rental thanks to COVID-19. To help you combat it, we’re making our electronic signature product available for free to anyone in the industry for three months – regardless of what software you use (or don’t use).


And we don’t need your payment information, because you’re not going to pay for it. Times may be tough, but rental is tougher.


Best of luck out there, 

Take the next step toward your
free electronic signature solution.

What can you do with eSign by Point of Rental?

  • You can collect signatures remotely via email.
  • You can collect signatures on-site via an easily-disinfected tablet device.
  • You can store signatures assigned to contracts for easy filing.
  • You can access signed contracts anywhere with an internet connection. 

Here's what this eSign offer won't do:

  • It won’t cost you anything. Ever*. 
  • It won’t ask you for payment information**.
  • It won’t require you to use Point of Rental’s other software solutions***.

*After 90 days, if you want to continue, you can sign up to use eSign at the regular price.**Again, after 90 days, if you choose to continue, then we’ll ask for your payment info.***Frankly, you don’t even have to have any rental software. eSign works on its own.

Now welcoming...eSign & Pay!

Need a way to take online payments? You can do that for free with your 90 days of free eSign, too. If you have eSign, we automatically upgraded you. If you don’t have eSign yet, when you sign up, you’ll get eSign & Pay, free for 90 days. It works with all standard credit card processors. 

Start Using eSign FREE

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