Point of Rental Adds Business Consulting

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We say it pretty often in our marketing literature: We have a LOT of in-store rental experience here at Point of Rental. And now we’re putting that knowledge and insight to even more use, going beyond software training and sending our experts out to help you run your business more efficiently and effectively. Sean Konys […]

Behind the Scenes: A 40th Anniversary Webinar

Point of Rental Turns 40 Graphic on black background

Instead of going outside of Point of Rental to talk to industry leaders, we looked within for May 2022. After a month spent celebrating the company’s 40th anniversary and planning for the next 40+ years, our regional leaders did an internal “Ask Me Anything” webinar for employees. Since most of the up-front content was pretty […]

Front Porch Shorts: Introducing L&D’s Customer Portal!

Learning and Development podcast

The best rental software in the world can only do so much; effective rental management requires a team that knows how to operate the software. With that in mind, Point of Rental’s learning and development team is excited to announce…well, several things, it turns out. Ed Hewitt, the manager of L&D, spoke with us about […]

How Can We Help You? A CX Interview

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Point of Rental is growing. 10 years ago, the company had one product, one office, and if you weren’t in the U.S. or Canada, you’d probably never heard of us. Seven years ago, we added a cloud-based option; five years ago we expanded our product line and added our first international offices…and in 2021, we […]

How Old Is Point of Rental?

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by Brian Beaudry, NI Content Generator How old is Point of Rental? Well, it’s more complex than I thought. When I joined Point of Rental in 2016, I immersed myself in the company’s history to try to get a sense of its values, its story, and its voice. I found this blog touting the creation […]

Why You Should Visit Booth #2607 at the 2021 ARA Show

Point of Rental @ the 2021 ARA Show preview graphic

It’s only a couple of weeks until the 2021 ARA Show kicks off in Las Vegas. In a previous blog, we told you why you should start (and finish) your trip to Vegas with us. As we get closer to the show, we’re ready to talk about Booth #2607, the Point of Rental booth, and […]

Join Point of Rental In Las Vegas!

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably pretty excited about the idea of heading to Las Vegas for the 2021 ARA Show. The ARA Show isn’t the only reason to visit Las Vegas this October, though: We’d like to make your trip even more fun and worth your while – join us at our events […]

So Long, 2020: A Recap

2020 in review: Point of Rental

Y’know, they always told us hindsight was 20/20. Now that 2020 is behind us, let’s see what happened. In January and February, nearly everyone we talked to was feeling like this would be the best year ever! Our UK team unveiled a new web-based dashboard, part of Syrinx 365, at the Executive Hire Show. Meanwhile, […]

Point of Rental Earns Sixth Consecutive RER Innovation Award

2019 Innovative Product Award Winner Point of Rental ONE

FORT WORTH — Rental Equipment Register announced their 2019 Innovative Product Award winners on Jan. 10, naming Point of Rental’s ONE App the Silver Award winner and Computer Software category winner. Point of Rental ONE unifies the company’s app offerings and provides a fully-connected mobile interface for its users. It was built from the ground […]

2019 Point of Rental Year in Review

Year in Review, Point of Rental 2019

At Point of Rental, we spend most of our time looking forward – to what we can do to improve ourselves, the rental industry, and the world. So as we’re about to swap out calendars (or, for most of us, about to watch our Google calendars change over) to 2020, we felt we ought to […]