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Tent, Event & Party Rental

Manage the complete event process from first contact to final invoice with confidence and accuracy.

Getting the details right the first time can be the difference between success and failure; our event management software provides the necessary tools, systems, processes, and information to get the details right! Point-of-RentalTM Systems brings confidence and support to any operation, allowing owners and managers to focus on what matters.

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Innovative and Flexible Design
  • Intuitive and easy to learn (new employees will be writing contracts in minutes).
  • The system adapts to your business rules.
  • Customized proposals, contracts, invoices, and statements.
  • Annual software enhancements keep you on the cutting edge of technology.
Marketing Tools That Deliver Results
  • How much revenue do your yellow page ads, website, or wedding shows deliver to your bottom line? We show you!
  • Effortlessly create email lists and marketing campaigns.
  • Target marketing campaigns to customers by specific demographics.
  • Efficiently communicate new inventory to customers.
  • View reservation trends to help focus marketing efforts and maximize revenue.
Comprehensive Quote Management
  • Track all customer contact (email, phone, and in person).
  • Task Management - Promoting timely follow-up utilizing automatic reminders and task assignments.
  • Deliver professional looking proposals by print, email, or fax.
  • Allow your customers to initiate a quote on your website (anytime, anywhere).
  • Reduce redundant data entry by importing web quotes directly into the system.
Manage Rental Rates and Maximize Profits
  • Increase profits through suggested item kits and/or auto kits that prompt sales staff for add-on items.
  • Control rental rates by item, item category, customer, customer type, jobsite/venue, or location.
  • Set rental rates by a date range to accommodate seasonal promotions.
  • Create special rental rates by the day of week to promote mid-week rentals.
  • Extensive security allows you to control discounting and price changes by employee.
Inventory Control
  • Receive real-time overbooking notifications while writing quotes or reservations.
  • Operations can report on critically low rental inventory to avoid overbooking for any time period.
  • Intuitive multi-location transfers reduce expensive purchases or subrentals.
  • Resolve overbookings by planned purchases and/or subrentals.
  • Quickly identify overstocked or inactive items.
  • Physical inventory counts are entered into the system by warehouse personnel and must be approved by a manager to finalize.
  • Inventory can be managed through barcode scanning. Barcodes can be printed directly from the system (no additional software is required).
  • Re-order levels can be set by item to automate Purchase Orders.
  • Purchase Orders can be created based on historical sales to accommodate for seasonality.
Comprehensive Event Management
  • Eliminate job folders and files. Attach site plans, setup schematics, permits, or any important document directly to the contract in the system.
  • Attachments can be emailed, printed, and even included in the driver's packet from the Dispatch Center.
  • Manage project flow through Task management to avoid missing important milestones.
  • Electronic order confirmation reduces last minute order changes.
  • Salesman notifications can be setup to communicate status changes or certain milestones in the event cycle. Notifications can be sent by email or text message.
Automated Order Pulling
  • Generate packing lists by operational department (table top, linen, tenting, etc.).
  • Print change orders for packing lists that are already in the packing process by department.
  • System generated packing labels help eliminate confusion in staging areas and delivery trucks.
  • Real-time packing list status views by department. Dispatcher's can know instantly when a truck can be loaded based on the packing status of the contracts.
  • Integrated UPS Worldship eliminates errors in shipping products to your customers.
Manage Truck Loading and Routing
  • Visual planning and routing is optimized through map views that display each stop for validation.
  • On-time routing. To promote on-time routing, the system will recognize and highlight any contract that will arrive late or early during the planning process.
  • Truck loading manifests by total truck content or stop by stop to allow for proper placement in the truck.
  • Customer service can accurately quote estimated delivery/pickup times based on the dispatcher's plan.
  • Single-click driver packets include all necessary documents (route overview, map overview, directions, contracts, attachments, item instructions, etc.) and print in order by stop.
GPS Integration in Delivery Vehicles
  • Stop details can be uploaded directly to the GPS unit, allowing drivers to simply select a stop and the GPS navigation will route them.
  • Real-time estimated arrival, actual arrival, and actual departure time stamps allow dispatcher's to recognize when a plan may not be working and make proactive customer notifications or route adjustments.
  • Customer service can see, in real-time, how a route is progressing and get updated arrival estimations directly from the contract.
  • Messages can be sent to a GPS unit in any vehicle.
  • Truck locations are displayed on maps in the Dispatch Center. You can view a single truck or all trucks.
Closing and Billing
  • Control item availability (availability delay, on-hold process, contract closing). We put you in control.
  • Easily add missing or damaged items to a contract.
  • Communicate missing items to customers, effortlessly allowing items to be returned quickly.
  • 100% Accurate Invoicing
  • Invoices and Statements can be emailed, faxed, or printed based on your customer's preference.
Analysis Reporting and Data Mining
  • Inventory, Customer, Transaction, and Marketing Analysis and Trends.
  • Override analysis allows management to review employee actions in the system.
  • 400+ reports built into the system.
  • Open connectivity allows 100% access to your data from other programs.
  • Schedule automatic delivery of reports by file, email, or fax.
  • Accounting integration with all popular accounting packages (QuickBooks, Peachtree, MAS, Microsoft Dynamics, and others).
  • Full accounts receivable integration within the system eliminates double entry errors.
  • Purchase Order module exports invoices to popular accounting packages eliminating double entry.
  • Five depreciation schedules; depreciation module calculates and posts G/L entries to your accounting package.
  • Invoices and Statements can be emailed, faxed, or printed based on your customer's preference.

Point-of-RentalTM Systems is a 100% Microsoft Windows® based Rental Management solution offering an intuitive, easy to learn user interface while adding immediate value to your business.

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