Headed to the 2019 ARA Show? So are we!

Join Point of Rental and TSO Mobile as we embark on an #EPICARAadventure from Dallas to Anaheim, visiting our customers and getting our booth to the ARA Show. We’ll check in from customer sites, ask you where we should visit and/or eat, and answer any questions you might have from the road (we’re not IT or software support, so let’s stick with non-software questions). You might even catch Point of Rental Man in the wild a time or two.

Meet The Team

Andrew joined the Point of Rental team in 2018 and is our Media Production Manager, mostly working on capturing, editing, and overall creating videos that inspire or amuse viewers. When he’s on camera, you might notice he talks funny - he’s initially from England and moved to Texas a few years ago to be with the woman he loves. He’s also a new father with a son born in late December 2018. Because Andrew’s never left Texas since coming to the U.S. (except this one time at church camp) and never been to an ARA Show, he’ll be experiencing much of this for the first time. If you have lessons about America (especially the Southwest), or parenting suggestions and/or warnings for him, please tag #EPICARAadventure so we’ll be able to find them.

Brian B. joined the Point of Rental staff in 2016 and is the team’s NI Content Generator, writing press releases, blogs, website copy, emails, social media posts, and coming up with ideas for the rest of the team to execute. He is a combat veteran and he moved to Texas a few years ago and is looking forward to showing Andrew the American Southwest, having lived in Southern California and Arizona for several years (in addition to Oregon, Washington, and New York). He told everyone that #EPICARAadventure would be super fun and is desperately hoping you’ll participate and deliver on that promise for him. He’s also happily married with a child, though his daughter is six years old and awesome, so he’s no longer concerned about his parenting skills.

Not much is known about the origins of Point of Rental Man. There are reports of his existence as far back as 1983, but the first known footage of him was found in this 2018 video. He is always working to improve lives, whether it’s through Point of Rental software, the company’s employee-run community involvement team, Point the Way, or just by generally being an overall nice guy to be around.